Welcome to Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate

Teaching Martial Arts Excellence in Austin, TX since 1973.

Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate opened for business on Sept 15, 1973, on the corner of South Lamar and Manchaca Rd. in South Austin, TX. Over the years, we have taught Kenpo karate to thousands of men, women, and children.  We now regularly have prior students bring in their children and even grandchildren to get the same training that they had. We’re proud that Brian Duffy’s Kenpo Karate has benefits that literally, last a lifetime.

Kenpo is a different kind of karate because it’s focused on self-defense. In many other karate styles, hours and hours are spent learning complicated forms and techniques. We just focus on what works and what works is usually easier to learn and master.

One of Brian Duffy’s early instructor was the pioneer of Kenpo, Ed Parker. Mr. Parker was not only a great innovator, but he was such a dynamic teacher that Hollywood stars sought him out to teach them. Mr. Parker was the instructor of Elvis Presley and even appeared on the I Love Lucy show and many movies including The Pink Panther.

Between our long history in the great city of Austin to our deep roots in the Kenpo karate system, Brian Duffy’s Kenpo Karate has firmly established itself as the “go to” school for martial arts and self-defense training.

We are a small school that offers a high degree of personalized instruction in a very supportive atmosphere.  There are no high pressure sales and no long term contracts.

Our students are here because they want to be, not because they have to be.

Call now to set up your first class or take advantage of our website special on this page and we will contact you to schedule that first class.

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For Children, our program

  • Teaches self-discipline!
  • Improves self-confidence!
  • Reduces bullying!
  • Channels aggressive behavior!
  • Improves attention span!

For Adults

  • Reduces stress!
  • Great exercise!
  • Improves flexibility!
  • Improves coordination!
  • Teaches practical self defense!